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Contact us to book your exotic dancers:

Office hours: (011) 791 5715 (9am - 4pm weekdays)

After hours: 082-443-0456 (after 4pm and Saturdays)

Fax to Email: 0866 758 793


Our office is closed on Sundays, Easter, Christmas and New Year.

Terms & Conditions sdfgdsfgdsf
  • Client is responsible for the dancer/s safety from time of arrival to departure.
  • No photographs or videos of the dancer or their show is permitted - no exceptions.
  • No touching or groping of the dancer is allowed, nor any form of sex is permitted.
  • If you mistreat or offend the performer with foul language or abusive language and/or misconduct, he/she reserves the right to leave with full payment.
  • Clients to provide a sound system, for the dancer to play his/her cd, in the designated dance area.
  • Make provision for ample space for the dancer to dance freely between your guests.
  • Lights should be dimmed to enhance the mood.
  • Provide a chair with no arms to aid the performer, for the duration of the show.
  • Performance area must be indoors or under rooftop area.
  • Refund will be forfeited, unless given a 24 hour notice period.
  • Only in the event of an emergency will we replace your requested dancer/s with another dancer in the same category – should this occur we will advise you immediately.
  • Please remember that we supply dancers who would like to be treated as ladies/gentlemen, who perform sexy yet professional shows and would appreciate it if the guests also behaved like ladies and gentlemen, in order that you get the most out of the show.